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The following tribes are also mentioned:

Lezar 400  From the mouth of Ohio to the mouth of Wabash.
Webings 200  On the Missisipi, below the Shakies.
Grand Tuc
4000  On White Creek, a branch of the Missisipi.
Linways 1000  On the Missisipi.
Bouquet's. Les Puans 700  Near Puans Bay.
Folle avoine 350  Near Puans Bay.
Ouanakina 300
 Conjectured to be tribes of the Creeks.
Chickanessou 350
Machecous 800
Souikilas 200
Dodge's. Mineamis 2000  Northwest of L. Michigan, to the heads of Missisipi, and up to L. Superior.
800  On and near the Wabash, towards the Illinois.

But apprehending these might be different appellations for some of the tribes already enumerated, I have not inserted them in the table, but state them separately, as worthy of further inquiry. The variations observable in numbering the same tribe may sometimes be ascribed to imperfect information, and sometimes to a greater or less comprehension of settlements under the same name. (7.)