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Home Made Wines


To two and one-half gallons good common gin and five over proof, add one and one-half pints strained honey, two and one-half pints clear water, one-half pint white sugar syrup, one-half pint spirits of nutmegs mixed with the nitric ether, one-half pint orange-flower water, one cup pure water, one-tenth ounce acetic ether, one drop oil of wintergreen dissolved with the acetic ether. Mix all the ingredients well; if necessary fine with alum and salt of tartar.


Take the best large scurvy-grass tops and leaves, in May, June, or July; bruise them well in a stone mortar. Put them in a well-glazed earthen vessel and sprinkle them over with some powder of crystal of tartar; then smear them with some virgin honey, and being covered close let it stand twenty-four hours. Set water over a gentle fire, putting to every gallon three pints of honey, and when the scum rises, take it off and let it cool. Then put the stamped scurvy-grass into a barrel, and pour the liquor to it, setting the vessel conveniently edgeways, with a tap at the bottom. When it has been infused twenty-four hours, draw