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Oliver Twist.

"Nor catching any thieves, nor identifying any housebreakers?" said the doctor maliciously.

"None at all, sir," replied Mr. Giles with much gravity.

"Tell," said the doctor, "I am sorry to hear it, because you do that sort of thing so well. Pray, how is Brittles?"

"The boy is very well, sir," said Mr. Giles, recovering his usual tone of patronage, "and sends his respectful duty, sir."

"That's well," said the doctor. "Seeing you here, reminds me, Mr. Giles, that on the day before that on which I was called away so hurriedly, I executed, at the request of your good mistress, a small commission in your favour. Just step into this corner a moment, will you?"

Mr. Giles walked into the corner with much importance and some wonder, and was honoured with a short whispering conference with the doctor; on the termination of which he made a great many bows, and retired with steps of unusual stateliness. The subject matter of