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Orphee aux Enfers.


Ju.If I have to be caught,
Still, I must appear to fly.

Eu.I will catch thee, cruel one.

Ju.That's what I expect.

Eu.Where is it now?
On the sofa? Attention!
Takes off her gauze veil.
From this light gauze,
Without danger, I can make
A butterfly's net.
Approaches on the tips of her feet.

Ju.Attention! Attention!

Eu.It is caught! Resistance is futile.

Ju., under the veil. The most caught of us is not whom she thinks.


Eu.I catch thee, wicked one.
Thou cared but to fly away;
But I knew, charming fly,
I would, in the end, catch thee.

Ju. I wanted you to long for me
Before I were caught.
Fear no more, oh, my charmer,
I care no more to fly away.

Eu. I knew right well I would catch you, my winged jewel. Do ail you please, you are mine, and forever. You will be the consolation to the poor prisoner. But see how graceful, what beautiful colors, what a fine waist, and those golden wings, (kisses him.)

Ju., (on his knees.) Well, all this is thine if you will, adored mortal! . . . .

Eu. Heavens! it has spoken! . . Help! help! . . . .

Ju. Hush! In reality I am not a fly. I have assumed that disguise in order to deceive the jealousy of a tyrant who will torture you . . . .

Eu. Is it possible? Who are you then?

Ju. I . . well I declare it before the face of the earth—I am thy lover. Bluebeard Jupiter . . no more, no less!—and had I known you before, Pluto would not have eloped with you. I would have taken you to Olympia.

Eu. Olympia!—I would have seen Olympia and have left this execrable house? Let us fly! Take me with you!