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Num. 8.



Munday, Januar. 8. 1665/6.

The Contents.

An Account of the Tryals, made in Italy of Campani's new Optick Glasses.A further Relation of the Whale-fishing about the Bermudas, and upon the Coast of New England, and New Netherland.Of a remarkable spring of Paderborn in Germany.Of some other uncommon Springs at Basel and in Alsatia.Of the richest Salt-springs in Germany.Some Observations of Strange Swarms of Insects, and the mischiefs done by them: as also of the brooding of Snakes and Vipers.Observations of odd Constitutions of humane Bodies.Of a way, used in Italy, of preserving Ice and Snow by Chaffe.Directions for Sea-men bound for far Voyages, drawn up by Master Rook, late Geometry Professour of Gresham Colledge.Some Observations of Jupiter; Eclipsed by one of his Satellites; and of his Conversion about his Axis.Of some Philosophical and Curious Books, that are shortly to come abroad.

An Account of the Tryalls, made in Italy of Campani's new Optick Glasses.

AN Inquisitive Parisian writes to his Correspondent in London, as follows;

We received lately news from Rome, from a very Curious Person of our acquaintance, importing, that Campani hath had the advantage of Divini. The Great Duke of Toskany, and Prince Leopold, his Brother, upon Tryal, made of both their Glasses, have found those of Campani excel the other, and with them they have been able, easily to distinguish people