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Numb. 20.



Munday December 17. 1666.

The Contents.

The Method observed in Transfusing the Bloud out of one live Animal into another: And how this Experiment is like to be improved. Some Considerations concerning the same.An Accompt of some Sanative Waters in Herefordshire.A farther accompt of the Vitriolate Water mention'd Numb. 18. together with some other particulars touching Waters.Inquiries for Turky.An Observation about Optick Glasses made of Rock-Crystal, communicated from Italy.A Relation of the Use of the Grain of Kermes for coloration, from France.An Accompt of some Books lately publisht, vid. 1. PINAX Rerum Naturalium BRITANNIC ARUM, continens VEGETABILIA, ANIMALIA & Fossilia ANGLIÆ, inchoatus; Auth. Christophoro Merret, M. D.2. PLACITA PHILOSOPHICA Guarini.3. GUSTUS ORGANUM per Laurentium Bellini deprehensum.

The Method observed in Transfusing the bloud out of one Animal into another.

THis Method was promised in the last of these Papers. It was first practised by Doctor Lower in Oxford, and by him communicated to the Honourable Robert Boyle, who imparted it to the Royal Society, as follows;

First, Take up the Carotidal Artery of the Dog or other

Animal, whose Bloud is to be transfused into another of the

A a a