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Munday, June 5. 1665.

The Contents.

A Relation of some extraordinary Tydes in the West-Isles of Scotland, by Sr. Robert Moray.The judgment of Monsieur Auzout, touching the Apertures of Object-glasses, and their proportions in respect of the several lengths of Telescopes; together with a Table thereof.Considerations of the same Person upon Mr. Hook's New Engine for grinding of Optick-Glasses.Mr. Hook's Thoughts thereupon.Of a means to illuminate an Object in what proportion one pleaseth; and of the distances, that are requisite to burn Bodies by the Sun.A further accompt by Monsieur Auzout of Signior Campani’s Book, and performances about Optick-Glasses.Campani’s Answer thereunto; and Mr. Auzout’s Animadversions upon that Answer.An accompt of Mr. Lower’s newly published Vindication of Dr. Willis’s Diatriba de Febribus.

A Relation of some extraordinary Tydes in the West-Isles of Scotland, as it was communicated by Sr. Robert Moray.

IN that Tract of Isles, on the West of Scotland, called by the Inhabitants, the Long-Island, as being about 100 miles long from North to South, there is a multitude of small islands, situated in a Fretum, or Frith, that passes between the Island of Eust, and the Herris; amongst which, there is one called Berneray, some three miles long, and