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The Preface.

athongh the Writing of these: Transactions, is not to to be looked upon as the l9ulizxe& of the Royal Society: Tet, i, »1 regard they are a Specimen of warg' thing: which lie before them, -featain a great Variety of ttjijhl latter; Are 4 convenient Kegiiier, for the Bringing in, and 1))'l#l“Z)i#g noon] Experiments, which, not enough for a Book, world e¢ be lo/i5 and hw: proved 4 'very good Ferment for the /itting Men efllneomwon Thought: in aB part: a zvor»Q.- And be2#au /E, moreoz er, the want of thewfbr tbghjour Ifyl Tearr, wherein they have been d{f'ontinued,12¢

meh complained of: That the jlzid Society may not kent now

to Conrlvntn .1 Worl-, they have formerb:neoumged 5 or to neglect thejzf/i Expeé2atiom of Learned and Ingeriom Alexz: They have therefore thought jz't, '. to take care for the revival hereof that they may he Pnbiwcd once every Month, or at fi¢th'1”ime.f, 13*I§ Cf'L'0ff0f6H0fiU8'/hd” be given at the end of thde, and the following Transactions. Neither ie' it doubted, but that th# who dehre to he aceonnnodfzted herewith, will ni?/l readily endeavor, theo{R'lve.', or by othcrr, tofiip-PU and keep up that Stool; of Experiments, and other Philosophical Matters, which will he necefvy hereunto; with tht? ajhranee given them, That whatever 1sey shall he pleaf ed to communicate, shall he d{@ofcl of with all Fijelity. Lettrrsfbr their furpojé, may be directed th/fr, For the Secretary of the Royal Society. To be left with Mr. Hunt at his House in Whale-11. nc Court, in Bell-Alley in Coleman Street; Gr, at the Repo/L tory in Gre/ham College, London.

A D¢#ription of Pen-Park-Hole in Gloceilerlhireg Commufzioated by Sir Robert Southwel.

Here is a place in Glocgirr/hire called Pen Park, about three Miles from BrUloI, and above three from Severn, where some Miner: for Lead discovering a large Hole in the Earth: One Captain Smrmy, a wartn, IH