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OF VOL. 145.

I. The Bakerian Lecture.—On the Nature of the Force by which Bodies are repelled from the Poles of a Magnet; to which is prefixed, an Account of some Experiments on Molecular Influences. By John Tyndall, Ph.D., F.R.S., Membre de la Société Hollandaise des Sciences; Foreign Member of the Physical Society of Berlin, and Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Royal Institution.

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II. On the Attraction of the Himalaya Mountains, and of the elevated Regions beyond them, upon the Plumb-line in India. By the Venerable John Henry Pratt, M.A., Archdeacon of Calcutta. Communicated by the Rev. J. Challis, M.A., F.R.S. &c.


III. On the Ceomputationof the Effjct of the Attraction of Mountain-masses, as dis- turbing the Apparent Astronomical Latitude of Stations in Geodetic Surveys. By G. B. AIRY, Esq., Astronomer Royal .101

IV. An Account of some recent Researches near Cairo, undertaken with the view of throwing light upon the Geological History of the Alluvial Land of Egypt. - Instituted by LEONARDHIORNER,Esq., F.R.SS. L . 8 B., F.G .S. . . . 105 V. Observations on the Respiratory Movements of Insects. By the late WILLIAM FREDERICKBARLOW,F.R.C.S. Arranged and communicated by JAMES PAGET, F.R.S. 139 VI. On the Structure of certain Limestone Nodules enclosed in seams of Bituminous Coal, with a Description of some Trigonocarpons contained in them. By JOSEPH DALTON HOOKER, M.D., and EDWARD WILLIAM BINNEY, Esq. . 149 V1I. On the Theory f Definite Integrals. By W. II . L. RUSSELL, Esq., B.A. Com- municated by A. CAYLEY,Esq., F.R.S. 157 VIII. On Circumstances modifying the Action of Chemical Affinity. By J. H . GLAD- STONE,Ph.D ., F.R.S . 179