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myself were also among its members. This committee used to meet on Sundays, but there was very little business to be done.

Very shortly after my coming to Madras, one day I was taken to a room, which is now the office of Mr. Schwarz, to see the pictures of two Masters. The big hall had not been built. H. P. B. and Subba Row were the only persons present, and I do not remember, after such a long lapse of time, what actually took place. I understood that I was admitted into the Second Section of the T.S. which had then been founded. The only thing that I knew of in connection with it subsequently was the circulation of new manuscript papers bearing on the question of Rounds, etc. Dr. Franz Hartmann, who was also a member of the Society, stayed at the Headquarters and began to give trouble, and I believe that owing to those troubles and to the departure of H. P. B., the Second Section practically ceased to exist, so far as India was concerned. But upon this point I am not quite sure.

As practitioners in the same Court, Subba Row and myself used to meet daily in the Court House. I was, therefore, a very close acquaintance of his, and he reciprocated my friendship to an extent which was to me a matter of deep gratitude. He used to drive in the evenings on holidays, and when there was no occasion to go to the Headquarters. He talked about various things to me, but never