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I did not understand what this statement meant, then; but I have since come to the conclusion that, when he spoke of the three Shankaras he was referring to the three Kumaras, who are the Disciples of the Lord.

Though he showed great friendship to me, as I have already stated, he never thought of giving me any help in spiritual matters. There was then no one at Adyar occupying the position of H. P. B. or A . B., and one got no assistance from the Colonel about meditation and the like. I used to press Subba Row to give me some directions. But he would not do so, until a year before his death. I think it was in March, 1888, in this very hall, where I am dictating this, that I spoke to him very strongly about his refusal to help even true aspirants; and this respectful rebuke drew forth from him the remark: "What can I do for you, when you have not been performing even your Sandhya properly? However, begin now with repeating Gayatri during the morning twilight, and perform your Sandhya properly." I followed his advice, repeating the Mantra one thousand and eight times every morning, for many years. Two months before his illness which ended in his death, as we had finished playing tennis and were sitting down, he put me a question: "Had you a dream last night?" My reply was: "I remember no dream." I asked him why he put the question to me. He replied: "I saw something about you, and it