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the patni or wife of Rshi Atri, and Dattatreya means the son of Atri. Subba Row himself on one occasion spoke of the necessity of founding an occult organisation with Dattatreya as its head, in order to train Indian Sannyasis for Theosophical purposes.

After his death, I thought it was my duty to collect his few contributions to Theosophical literature—inadequate, indeed, to represent his learning—and the result was the publication of the volume entitled The Esoteric Writings of T. Subba Row. It was issued by Tookaram Tatya, to whom I paid Rs. 500 in connection with the publication. This was the result of a very careful search by myself in the volumes of The Theosophist up to the time of Subba Row's death. After all, it is a very, very meagre contribution by him of the learning he had on certain subjects, having regard to his wide knowledge and great erudition.

His admiration and reverence for the teachings contained in the Hindu sacred writings connected with Vedanta and Raja Yoga were as unbounded as his knowledge of them was accurate. He once observed that a most profound treatise on the Sacred Science could be written based altogether on the Prasthana Traya, or the Three Bundles of nourishment provided for those who wish to tread the "razor path", namely the Upanishats, the Brahma Sutras, and the Bhagavad-Gita. That he himself could have written the book, those who knew him will not doubt. But I felt certain that he would not