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with their Avyaktam to complete the quaternary. This Avyaktam is Mulaprakrti, or rather Parabrahmam manifested in Mulaprakrti as its upadhi. In this view Parabrahmam is really the fourth principle, the highest principle in man; and the other three principles simply exist in it and by reason of it. That is to say, this Avyaktam is the one principle which is the root of all self, which becomes differentiated in the course of evolution, or rather which appears to be differentiated in the various organisms, which subsists in every kind of upadhi, and which is the real spiritual entity which a man has to reach.

Now let us see what will happen according to this hypothesis. TheLogos is entirely shut out; it is not taken notice of at all; and that is the reason why these people have been called nirishwara sankhyas, (not because they have denied the existence of Parabrahmam--for this they did not--but) because they have not taken notice of the Logos and its Light--the two most important entities in nature--in classifying the principles of man.