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cycle of evolution, it tries to return to the Logos, whence it had its rise. Evolutionary progress is effected by the continual perfecting of the upadhi, or organism, through which this light works. In itself it has no need of improvement. What is perfected is neither the Logos, nor the light of the Logos, but the upadhi or physical frame through which this light is acting. I have already said that it is upon the purity and nature of this 'upadhi that the manifested clearness and refulgence of the Logos mainly depends. As time goes on, man's intelligence on the spiritual, astral and physical planes will become more and more perfect, as the upadhis are perfected, until a certain point is reached when he will be enabled to make the final attempt to perceive and recognise his Logos, unless he chooses wilfully to shut his eyes, and prefers perdition to immortality. It is towards this end that nature is working.

I have pointed out the fact that there are certain cases which may cause a disturbance in the general progress, and I have mentioned the causes that may facilitate that progress. All the initiations that man ever invented were invented for the purpose of giving men a clear idea of the Logos, to point out the goal, and to lay down rules by which it is possible to facilitate the approach to the end towards which nature is constantly working.

These are the premises from which Krshna starts. Whether by express statements, or by necessary