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Havre is about the most cheerful of all the many Norman seaports, and its surrounding heights, its people dressed in quaint costumes, and busy quays and cafes, make it hard to believe it is only about six hours journey from England.

I engaged a valet, and amused myself for about a month by making excursions by sea to the numerous Norman watering-places.

I then went to Dieppe, and travelling through St Valery, Fecamp, etc., came back to Havre, and from there by way of Rouen up the lovely Valley of the Seine, to Paris.

Here I arrived about two months after leaving London.

The route is full of charm at every step, and makes the journey as attractive as that by Calais is uninteresting.

Staying for two months in Paris, I then went to Lyons, then to Switzerland, and stayed for a little while at Turin; from there to Parma, Modena, Florence, and Rome, where I stayed a few weeks.

From Rome, I took boat to Civita Vecchia, and horn there went to Naples, where I determined to rest.

For some time I amused myself making excursions to all the places of interest; but growing tired, deeded to cross to Ischia, and spend the summer on the island.