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somewhat resembled that of a raw mushroom, but was rather nicer.

I finished the piece I had, and took another.

Each mouthful I relished it more, until by the time I had eaten my third helping I thought I had seldom tasted anything more delicious.

After washing it down with some water I felt considerably refreshed.

The white female, who all this time had also been busily engaged eating, then turned to me and said, "They want me to kill you!"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you have killed one of the sacred birds," she replied.

Then turning round she tossed some hair all over herself, and quietly went to sleep.

This was very pleasant!!

After escaping all the dangers I had passed through—to be murdered by these creatures for simply killing a hideous bird—which, if I had not done so, would have killed me!

What could I do? Try and escape?

If I did manage to elude them (which I very much doubted the possibility of) I knew not where to go.

The caves would all be dark if the inhabitants were not there, and even if I could find my way back to the one where they had found me, the