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When the world reads this it will in all probability put me down as a madman, but in this as in many other instances the world will be wrong.

It would be no wonder if I was mad after what I passed through, yet I do not think at any time my senses were clearer than they are at present.

When the world has a chance (and it usually has) of saying anything good or bad about a man or woman it will generally choose the latter, and I do not blame it; for taking the general run of men and women (I cannot leave them out) there is far more bad (luckily never seen or shown), than there is of good which is paraded on the surface for the world to see, and each individual knowing how much he or she conceals, at once judges others by himself or herself.

However, for what the world will say I care nothing; in fact when this is published I shall probably be where the opinion of the world can