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Now Edmund returns to his well-belov'd theme;
To prove Hastings' power should not be supreme;
The Government rule 'twas his duty to draw
From Coke upon Littleton, writers on law:
And whenever their Lordships shall come to decide,
Burke hoped they would take British laws for their guide;
'Tis contended, says he, by the party accus'd,
We should govern by laws to which subjects are used.
But, my Lords, I maintain, 'tis expedient and fitting,
To govern the world by the laws of Great Britain;
Nor do I conceive that it matters a jot.
With respect to the laws, if they knew them or not.
And the prisoner, I trust, will be try'd and attainted
By those laws alone, with which I am acquainted.
Here this letter ends, but expect, my dear Brother,
When Edmund resumes I will send you another.