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In 'kill time visits' pass away the noon,
And 'chit chat parties' never leave too soon;
Hear how they talk of politics, and how
The news of the confederate armies go;
Or rather with the laughing Ladies play.
And spend in fiddle faddle half the day.
Since now you bask in Fortune's sunny ray.
Give, give, your rolling gold to live the day.
Not like the griping set who save and spare
To perish wretched in cold northern air.
When'er your easy mistress goes abroad,
Then let the pomp of Flavius fill the road;
Let six chubdars your silver sticks display,
And shading punkas mitigate the day;
Let emeralds set, her slender wrists enfold,
And all her purfled vestments shine with gold:
Let her, ah! let her thus genteely ride,
While, as she comes, we starers sneak aside.
When she's at home (how dear the thoughts of home)
Keep her secluded in a separate dome
Conscious to love and the soft hours of joy.
Let her mid fragrant oils the noon employ;
Let her there, wrapp'd in robes of costly lawn.
Enjoy the sweets of aromatic pawn.
While servile daees, in flowing cloth array'd.
By turns attend, and fan your charming maid.
Yes, yes, ye Gods, sure such is earthly bliss.
What would I give to be the Lord of this!

Ye shapely Nymphs, who form my pleasing theme
Ye, born where Ganga rolls her hallow'd stream.
Accept these numbers, written with spirit free,
I love your India and your India me!
Thus I've selected, with a judgment nice,
Instructive lessons of oblique advice;
Be your attention to the Muse inclin'd,
And print them on the tablet of your mind.