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Books noticed: PAGE
"Minnesota Academy of Natural Sciences" 632
"History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine (Thurston) 749
Journal of Physiology 751
"Democracy in Europe" (May) 753
"Report on Forestry" (Hough) 755
"New Cyclopµdia of Chemistry" 755
"Physics of the Infectious Diseases" (Logan) 756
"On the Nature of Things" (Macvickar) 756
"Art Hand-Books" (Carter) 756
"Principles of Light and Color" (Babbitt) 756
"Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States" (Meehan) 757
"Kensington Science-Lectures" 757
"Care of our Eyes" (Angell) 757
"Short Studies of Great Lawyers" (Brown) 757
"The Dance of Death" (Herman) 757
Botanical Science, Development of 119
Brain, Study of the 237
Brain-Forcing 217
Brick Walls, Discoloration of 379
Brownell, T. F., Curious Systems of Notation 420
Cactus as a Lava-Breaker 511
Calculating-Machine, a New 761
Cardiff Giant and Other Frauds 197
Carpet-Beetle 634

Catholicism and Eternal Punishment 368
Ceremonial Government, Evolution of 25
Ceremonial Government, Evolution of 146
Ceremonial Government, Evolution of 292
Chahoon, G., Water-Supply of Rivers 288
Character, Influence of Chemical Research on 764
Chinese Loess 252
Civilization and Science 257
Civilization and Science 385
Civilization and Science 529
Clarke, F. W., Scientific Courses of Study 187
Classics, The, in Germany 623
Clearing Land with Dynamite 120
College of the City of New York 106
Color-Blindness 120
Composite Portraits. (Illustrated.) 460
Conscience in Evolution 513
Consciousness Under Chloroform 694
Contagious Diseases, Prevention of 381
Cooke, J. P., Jr., The Radiometer and its Lessons 1
Cookery and Education 620
Cookery and Education 748
Copying by Photography 251
Copyright, International 618
Creosote as a Timber-Preserver 382
Curious Systems of Notation 420

Davis, W. M., Formation of Nebulæ 339
Davis, William Monroe 625
Death of a Generation 122
Development of Botanical Science 119