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Montgomery, E., Monera and the Problem of Life 455
Montgomery, E., Monera and the Problem of Life 563
Montgomery, E., Monera and the Problem of Life 677
Moquis, their Sun-Worship 378
Morse, E. S., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 102
Motion, Voluntary 444
Mountains, How Made 762
Müller, Max, on the "origin of Reason" 111
Muslin Glass 251

Natural History, New Fact in 510
Nebula, The Formation of 339
Nebulae, Variability of 251
Newberry, J. S., Geological History of New York Island and Harbor 641
New York, How it Got a College 106
Night-Air in Cities 105
Nitrification 638
Notation, Curious System of 420
Notes 127
Notes 255
Notes 383
Notes 511
Notes 640
Notes 767

Organ-Piano 378
Origin of Fruits 597
Origin of Reason 111
Oswald, F. L., The Age of Gymnastics 129
Oustalet, E., Pygmy Monkey 184

Pain in Drowning 93
Pain in Hanging 349
Peirce, C. S., Logic of Science 203
Peirce, C. S., Logic of Science 470
Pennsylvania Oil-Regions 252
Personal Reminiscences of Some Deceased Savants 20
Photographic Process, a New. (Illustrated.) 441
Photography, Copying Designs by 251
Photography, Growth of 119
Plant and Animal Life, Analogies of 508
Poisons of the Intelligence 482
Pollock, F., an Infant's Progress in Language 587
Prairie and Forest, Distribution of 122
Probabilities, Logic of 236
Protoplasm, The Study of 746
Pygmy Monkey. (Illustrated.) 184

Radiometer, The, and its Lessons 1
"Rain-Tree," Facts About the 119
Reason, Origin of 111
Relation of the Finite to the Infinite 73
Religion and Science at Vanderbilt University 492
Reminiscences, Personal, of Some Deceased Savants 20
Research, Systematic Promotion of 758
Richet, C, Hasheesh 482
Russia in Europe 635
Ryder, J. A., Gigantic Extinct Armadillos 139

Salt Lake 253