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The wheel can be adjusted to close at any desired wind-pressure by means of a sliding weight upon the arm of the small vane. It may be turned by hand edgewise to the wind by a chain passing to the ground. The working parts of another vane-governor mill of excellent design are shown in Fig. 1. A portion of the wind-wheel is represented at L L, the rudder-vane at M, and the small governor-vane at N. This latter is in a plane parallel with the face of the wheel, at a slight distance back of it, and extends beyond its edge. The wheel is supported upon an iron frame, 1, which turns within the tubing 17 and the additional bearing 18. The wheel-shaft passes through the

Fig. 2.
PSM V18 D233 Small sized water turbine.jpg

bearing 2 and gives motion to the pump-rod by a crank, 10, as shown. To one side of the frame 1 a weighted lever is pivoted, which terminates in a toothed segment. This gears with a curved rack on the frame of the rudder-vane, so that, moving the lever upward, the rudder and wheel approach each other. The chain 35 passing over the pulley 20