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to the human race, the parasites which prey upon them and assist in keeping them in check, descriptions of new species, etc. The three numbers contain an article on the "Importance of Entomological Studies," a biographical sketch of M. Achille Guenée, and numerous descriptions of species, with a chromolith illustration of Edwardsia brillians.


How we feed the Baby. By C. E. Page, M.D. New York: Fowler & Wells. 1881. Pp. 114. Price, 75 cents.

Unscientific Materialism. By S. H. Wilder. Reprint from "The International Review." New York. 1881. Pp. 16.

Annual Address of the President of the Middletown Scientific Association. By Rev. Frederick Gardiner, D.D. Middletown, Connecticut. 1881. Pp. 19.

The Endowment of Scientific Research. By Professor George Davidson, Ph.D. From an Address before the California Academy of Sciences. Pp. 8.

Our Trees in Winter. By John Robinson. From the "Bulletin" of the Essex (Massachusetts) Institute. Pp. 16.

Department of Science and Arts, Ohio Mechanics' Institute. Cincinnati. 1881. Pp. 12.

"The Coöperator." A Monthly Journal devoted to the Promotion of Coöperative Action in all its Forms. Vol. I, No. 1. New York: A. R. Foote. 1881. Pp. 16. Price, $1 a year.

Essay upon Ensilage. By J. M. Bailey. Pp. 10.

Report of the Director of the Detroit Observatory of the University of Michigan, from October 1, 1879, to January 1, 1881. Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1881. Pp. 20.

Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration. By Joseph D. Weeks, A.M. Boston: Rand & Avery. 1881. Pp. 73.

Preliminary List of the North American Species of Agrotis. By A. R. Grote. Washington. 1881. Pp. 16.

Climatology of Florida. By C. J. Kenworthy, M.D. Savannah, Georgia. 1881. Pp. 70.

Railroads and Telegraphs: Who shall control them? By F. H. Giddings. Springfield, Massachusetts. 1881. Pp. 12.

President's Inaugural Address before the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. By R. H. Thurston. Pp. 16.

The Gradual Dispersion of Certain Mollusks in New England. By Edward S. Morse. Pp. 6.

Annual Report on the Surveys of Northern and Northwestern Lakes, in Charge of C. B. Comstock. Washington. 1880. Pp. 94.

Quarterly Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department, for the Three Months ended September 30, 1880. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1881. Pp. 133.

Annual Report of the Ontario Institution for the Education of the Blind. Toronto: C. Blackett Robinson. 1881. Pp. 28.

Simple Apparatus for determining Specific Heats of Solids and Liquids with Small Quantities of Material. By J. W. Mallet, F.R.S. From "The American Chemical Journal." Pp. 14.

Failure of Vaccination. By Carl Spinzig, M.D. St. Louis. 1881. Pp. 15.

The Rocky Mountain Locust. By Charles V. Riley, Ph.D. Pp. 50. With Maps.

A New Order of Extinct Jurassic Reptiles. Discovery of a Fossil Bird in the Jurassic of Wyoming; and Note on American Pterodactyls. By O. C. Marsh. Reprint from "The American Journal of Science," April, 1881.

Annual Report of the Board of Health of the State of Louisiana for 1880. New Orleans: J. S. Rivers. 1881. Pp. 354.

Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Yellowstone National Park for 1880. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1881. Pp. 64.

On Quebracho-Bark. By Dr. Adolph Hansen. Translated from the German. Pp. 13.

Meteorological Researches. By William Ferrell. On Cyclones, Tornadoes, and Waterspouts. Being Part II of Appendix No. 10, of Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1880. Pp. 95. With Plates.

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Vol. viii, second series. Philadelphia. 1874-1881. Pp. 118. With Plates.

Practical Phonics. By E. V. De Graff, A.M. Pp. 108. Price, 75 cents. Regent Schools of the State of New York. By C. W. Bardeen. Pp. 24. Price, 25 cents. Suggestions for teaching Fractions. By W. W. Davis. Pp. 43. Price, 25 cents. New York Examination Questions. Pp. 111. Price, 25 cents. Hints on Orthoëpy. By C. T. Pooler, A.M. Pp. 15. Price, 10 cents. Hand-books for Young Teachers. No. 1, First Steps. By Henry B. Buckham, A.M. Pp. 152. Price, 75 cents. Syracuse: C. W. Bardeen. 1881.

The Telescope. By Thomas Nolan. B. S. New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1881. Pp. 75. Price, 50 cents.

History of the Free-Trade Movement in England. By Augustus Mongredieu. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1881. Pp. 184. Price, 50 cents.

Victor Hugo: His Life and Work. From the French of Alfred Barbou. By Frances A. Shaw. Chicago: S. C. Griggs & Co. 1881. Pp. 207. Price, $1.

Our Native Ferns. By Lucien M. Underwood, Ph.D. Bloomington, Illinois. 1881. Pp. 116. Price, $1.

Sir William Hamilton. By W. H. S. Monck, M.A. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1881. Pp. 192. Price, $1.25.

The Science of Mind. By John Bascom. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1881. Pp. 456. Price, $2.

History of the Christian Religion to the Year Two Hundred. By Charles B. Waite, A.M. Second edition. Chicago: C. V. Waite & Co. 1881. Pp. 454. Price, $2.50.


Health and Material Prosperity.—The report of the Board of Health of New Haven contains, in a letter from Professor Brewer, President of the Board, to the Common Council of the city, a convincing statement of the closeness of the relation between a good sanitary condition and the material prosperity and wealth of a city or community. An individual, to prosper by his labor, must be reasonably well; the same is equally true of a community or state. In the intense competition of mod-