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Books noticed: PAGE
"The Magazine of Art" 418
"How to tell the Parts of Speech" (Abbott and McElroy) 419
"A Fourth State of Matter" (Outerbridge) 419
"Observatory of the University of Michigan, Report of the Director" 419
"United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, Meteorological Researches" (Ferrel) 419
"Our Trees in Winter" (Robinson) 419
"Cruise of the United States Revenue Steamer Corwin" (Hooper) 419
"Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration" (Weeks) 420
"Observations on Jupiter" (Trouvelot) 420
"Working Drawings and how to use Them" (Haupt) 420
"Imaginary Quantities" (Argand) 420
"The Endowment of Scientific Research" (Davidson) 420
"Anthropological Society of Washington, D.C., Abstract of Transactions" 421
"Thoughts on Agricultural Education" (Sturtevant) 421
"The Nature of Vibration in Extended Media" (Robinson) 421
"History of the Christian Religion to the Year 200" (Waite) 421
"A Practical Treatise on Nervous Exhaustion" (Beard) 421
"Anthropology" (Tylor) 557
"Illusions" (Sully) 559
"Literary Style and other Essays" (Mathews) 560
"The Bolometer and Radiant Energy" (Langley) 561
"Second German Book" (Wormau) 561
"Report on Foreign Life-saving Apparatus" (Lyle) 561
"Geological Survey of Alabama" (Smith) 561
"American Nervousness, its Causes and Consequences" (Beard) 562
"The Library" (Lang) 562
"The Microscope, and its Relation to Medicine and Pharmacy" (Stowell) 562
"Principal Characters of American Jurassic Dinosaurs" (Marsh) 562
"The Climate, Soils, Timbers, etc., of Kentucky" (Procter) 562
"Inductive Metrology" (McGee) 563
"Nostrums in their Relation to the Public Health" (Prescott) 563
"On Philadelphite" (Lewis) 563
"On the Geographical Distribution of the Indigenous Plants of Europe and the Northeast United States" (James) 563
"United States Life-saving Service, Annual Report of Operations" 563
"The School of Life" (Alger) 563
"Rapid Breathing as a Pain-Obtunder" (Bonwill) 564
"Gill-Nets in the Codfishery" (Collins) 564
"Philadelphia Water Department, Annual Report of Chief-Engineer" 564
"Antiquities of New Mexico and Arizona" (Hoffman) 564
"Political Eloquence in Greece Demosthenes" (Brdif and MacMahon) 564
"The Bacteria" (Magnin) 706
"Life of Voltaire" (Parton) 707
"Marine Algæ of New England and Adjacent Coast" (Farlow) 709
"Hand-Book of Chemical Physiology and Pathology" (Vaughan) 709
"English Philosophers David Hartley and James Mill" (Bower) 709