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Draper, H. N. 94
Drowned, the, Burial of the Souls of 573
Drowning, How to prevent 369
Duckworth, Dyce, M. D. 491
Dunbar, C. M. 101
Dust, the Nucleus of Fog 142
Dyeing, Influence of Physical Structure on Processes of 570
Dyer, T. F. Thistleton 67
Dynamite, The Safe Manufacture of 286

Earth-Beds, Frost-formed 572
Earth, How the, is weighed 743
Earthquakes in England 282
Earthquakes, The Mental Effect of 257
Earth's Crust, The Secular Changes of Level in the 715
Eddy, William A 78
Editor's Table 114
Editor's Table 265
Editor's Table 408
Editor's Table 555
Editor's Table 698
Editor's Table 846
Education, Physical 7
Education, Physical 145
Education, Physical 334
Education, Physical 450
Education, Physical 595
Education, Physical 721
Educational Progress, Another Step in 267
Education, Self-Government in 555
Education, State 703
Egleston, N. H. 176
Egleston, N. H. 311
Electricity, Storage of 566
Electricity, The Modern Development of Faraday's Conception of 242
Electric Lighting, Recent Advances in 378
Electric Lights for the French Coasts 142
Electric Measurement, Units of 131
Electric Motor, Improved 130
Energy, The Electric Storage of 546
Eucalyptus, The, in the Roman Campagna 94
Explosions, Some Facts about 281
Eyes and School-Books 54

Fairbairn, Dr., and the Synthetic Philosophy 846
Fairchild, Herman L. 460
Fairchild, Herman L. 644
Faraday Lecture, Helmholtz's 268
Fayrer, Dr. J., F. R. S. 171
Field Club, The Buffalo 265
Filtering Apparatus, An Improved 283
Fish, C. F. 24
Food-Animals, Slaughter of, among the Jews 139
Forestry, European Schools of 311
Forestry in India 137
Forest-Culture in Alpine Ravines 830
Forests, our. The Value of 176
Forest-Trees, Undergrowth and 426
Fortress, A, of the Polished-Stone Age 718
Fossil, The Human, of Schipka Cave 571
French Association at Algiers 423
Fruits and Seeds, On 156
Fruits and Seeds, On 354