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Books noticed: PAGE
"Voice-Production" (Patton) 133
"The Study of Trance" (Beard) 133
"Sparks from a Geologist's Hammer" (Winchell) 133
"Principles of Chemical Philosophy" (Cooke) 133
"Report of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College" (Pickering) 134
"Palaeolithic Implements of the Valley of the Delaware" 134
"Analysis of Milk and Milk-Foods" (Gerber) 134
"The Brain of the Cat" (Wilder) 134
"Publications of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology" 135
"The Science of Mind" (Bascom) 135
"Myth and Science" (Vignoli) 270
"Easy Lessons in Science" (Barrett) 271
"Die chemische Ursache des Lebens" (Loew and Bokorny) 272
"The Oyster Industry" (Ingersoll) 272
"The Seal Islands of Alaska" (Elliott) 272
"The Areas of the United States" (Gannett) 273
"Statistics of the Production of the Precious Metals in the United States" (King) 273
"Report of the Chief Signal-Officer of the Army" (1881) 273
"The Constants of Nature Atomic Weights" (Clarke) 273
"The Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning" (Richards) 274
"The Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota" (1880) (Winchell) 274
"La Lumire Electrique" (Alglave and Boulard) 274
"Bi-Monetism" (Stringham) 275
"Guides for Science Teaching" (Hyatt and Crosby) 275
"The New Ethics" (Sewall) 275
"Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History" (1880) 275
"How to make the Best of Life" (Mortimer Granville) 276
"Report on Diphtheria" (Staples) 276
"The Use of Tobacco" (Hinds) 276
"The Temple rebuilt" (Abbe) 276
"Incandescent Electric Lights" (Du Moncel and Preece) 276
"Diseases of Memory" (Ribot) 410
"The Present Religious Crisis" (Blauvelt) 411
"Egyptian Obelisks" (Gorringe) 413
"The Properties and Motions of Fluids" (Stanley) 414
"Myron Holley" (Wright) 415
"Report of the Connecticut Agricultural-Experiment Station" (1881) 416
"The Occult World" (Sinnett) 416
"Marriage and Parentage" 416
"The New Infidelity" (Grote) 416
"Elementary Treatise on Electricity" (Maxwell) 417
"Management and Feeding of Infants" (Keating) 417
"Opium-Smoking in America and China" (Kane) 417
"Study of the Various Sources of Sugar" (Ware) 417
"Vaccination" (Edwards) 418
"First Aid to the Injured" (Shepherd) 418
"Ants, Bees, and Wasps" (Lubbock) 550
"Capital and Population" (Hawley) 551