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Books noticed: PAGE
"Statistics of the Population of the United States" (Walker) 129
"Wave-Lengths of Fraunhofer Lines" (Mendenhall) 129
"Report on Submarine Mines" (Abbott) 129
"Chronological List of Auroras," 1870 to 1879 (Greeley) 130
"Statistics of Public Indebtedness" (Porter) 130
"Appalachia," June, 1882 130
"Atlantis" (Donnelly) 131
"Meteorology of Tokio, Japan" (Mendenhall) 132
"The Chemistry of Sake-Brewing" (Atkinson) 133
"Construction and Maintenance of Time-Balls" (Hazen) 133
"George Ripley" (Frothingham) 276
"The New Botany" (Beal) 277
"Is Consumption contagious?" (Clapp) 277
"The Sun" (Young) 278
"La Navigation Electrique" (Dary) 278
"Report of Smithsonian Institution" (1880) 278
"The Peak in Darien" (Cobbe) 279
"The Fire-Protection of Mills" (Woodbury) 279
"Easy Star Lessons" (Proctor) 280
"Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1880" 280
"Manual of Blow-pipe Analysis" (Cornwall) 281
"Catalogue of 1,098 Stars" 282
"James Mill" (Bain) 414
"The Winners in Life's Race" (Buckley) 415
"Herbert Spencer on the Americans, and the Americans on Herbert Spencer" 416
"Unity Pulpit" (Savage) 416
"A Practical Treatise on Hernia" (Warren) 417
"Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington" 418
"A Guide to Modern English History" (Cory) 419
"Address (New England Manufacturers' and Mechanics' Institute) (Atkinson) 419
"Contributions to Mineralogy" (Genth) 419
"Age of Tejon Rocks of California" (Heilprin) 420
"Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences" 420
"How to succeed" (Abbott) 420
"Cerebral Hyperemia; Does it exist?" (Buckley) 420
"The Solution of the Pyramid Problem" (Ballard) 421
"A Guide to Collodio-Etching" (Hartley) 421
"United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries" (1879) 421
"The Gulf Stream" (Bartlett) 422
"Proceedings of the Department of Superintendence of the National Educational Association" (1882) 422
"Putnam's Art Hand-Books" (Carter) 422
"A Dictionary of Music and Musicians" (Grove) 422
"The Hoffman Cover and Binder" 423
"American Journal of Physiology" 423
"Modern Stenographic Journal" 423
"Ragnarok" (Donnelly) 560
"Zo├Âlogical Sketches" (Oswald) 561
"Check-List of North American Birds" (Coues) 563