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Education, the Influence of, on Observation 359
Edwards, Henri Milne, Sketch of 545
Egleston, N. H. 774
Egypt as a Health Resort 141
Elder and the Juniper, Folk-Lore of the 861
Engler, E. A. 156
Engler, E. A. 328
Errata 863
Esquimaux, The 137

Farming, Scientific, at Rothamsted 81
Farming, Scientific, at Rothamsted 383
Fingal's Cave, Is it artificial? 231
Flora, North American, Succession of 135
Flora, The, of North America 283
Florida, Remedial Value of the Climate of 641
Foester, Professor William 825
Fog-Signals, Aberrations in 857
Foot-prints, Fossil, Human, in Nevada 137
Forestry, Scientific, Progress of 140
Forests, The Census and the 774
Forests, The World's, Waste of 428
Forest, The Possible Annual Yield of a 572
Fouillée, M. Alfred 300
Fouillée, M. Alfred 521

Geological Map, the Proposed, of Europe 283
Giants, Dwarfs and 767
Gilliam, Professor E. W. 433
Girlhood, Bodily Deformities in 322
Gold, The Decrease of 503
Growth, Annual, of Trees 204
Growths, Some Curious Vegetable 30
Gulf Stream, The 134

Hall, James, LL.D. 815
Hallock, E. J., Ph.D. 188
Hamilton, Frank Hastings, M.D. 1
Hammond. Dr. W. A. 760
Héricourt, M. 225
House-Walls, Hygiene in 135
Hunt, T. Sterry, F.R.S. 165

Ice and Fog in the North Atlantic 628
Implements, Stone, Value of the Evidence of 859
Increase, Human, The Law of 39
Indians of the Hudson Bay Territory 424
Indians, The American, and the Aryan Race 286
Infection? Do House-Flies convey 571
Insanities, Perceptional 760
Iroquois, the Pagan, Festivals of 860
Isthmus, Aborigines of the 427

James, Joseph F. 445
Janssen, Jules C. 477