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names of forty-seven mountains, of which no published accounts existed, while many of them were wholly unexplored, and several even unnamed, have appeared in the lists of the club. Of these there now remain but thirteen of which no description has as yet appeared in "Appalachia." Prominent features of the work described in the present number are the exploration of the Twin Mountains, the construction of new paths to the summits of Mounts Madison and Adams, the expedition up the Wild River Valley and the east branch of the Pemigewasset to the summit of Mount Lafayette, and more restricted but hardly less interesting investigations.

An Outline of Qualitative Analysis for Beginners. By John T. Stoddard, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry in Smith College. A. G. Carley, Northampton, Mass. Pp. 54. Price, 75 cents.

Students in a well-equipped qualitative laboratory, who have the time of a competent instructor at their disposal, need little help from a text-book. Some small book containing the tests by which the several bases and acids may be detected, and the succesive steps of the system of analysis which the instructor deems the best, is a necessity. Professor Stoddard's book belongs to this class, and probably leaves more for the student to work out under the guidance of the instructor than any similar book yet published. Thus, no equations are given, it being a part of his method to require the student to write these, and to draw up analytical tables for himself. He also requires the devising of new methods of separation, thus introducing an element of original work.

The Advanced Question-Book. By Albert P. Southwick. Syracuse, N. Y.: C. W. Bardeen. Pp. 360. Price, 1.50.

This work includes in one volume the "Dime" question-books on general literature, general history, astronomy, mythology, rhetoric, botany, zoölogy, chemistry, geology, and physics, with complete answers, notes, queries, etc. While we should never think of using such books in recitation, or of encouraging a teacher who used them there, we can conceive that they arc admirable as manuals for ready reference.

Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science. Herbert B. Adams, Editor. VI. Parish Institutions in Maryland. By Edward Ingle, A. B. Pp. 48. Price, 40 cents. VII. Old Maryland Manors. By John Johnson, A. B. Pp. 38. Price, 30 cents. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University. Price of the series, $3 for twelve numbers.

The idea of this series is to bring together, in numbered monographs, kindred contributions to historical and political science, so that individual efforts may gain strength by combination, and become more useful as well as more accessible to students. The Studies will be published at monthly intervals, but not necessarily in separate form. The present essays relate to peculiar features in the political and social organization of the Maryland colony, quite different from those which distinguished the New England organization, a correct understanding of which may help to explain some things in the history and present condition of the State.




Van Loans Catskill Mountain Guide, 1888. Catskill, N. Y.: Walton Van Loan. Pp. 122, with Maps. 40 cents.

"The Medico-Legal Journal," Vol. I. No. 1. Published at 55 Broadway, N. Y. Pp. 115. $3 a year.

Woman's Medical College of Baltimore. Announcement and Catalogue. Baltimore. Pp. 12.

Small-pox and Vaccination. By Professor S. E. Chaillé. New Orleans: New Orleans Auxiliary Sanitary Association. Pp. 23.

Record for the Sick-Room. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co. 25 cents.

The Upper University: A Syllabus of the Scheme and of the Sources of its Revenue. By Thales Lindsley. Pp. 25.

The Human Consciousness: A Syllabus of its Data and Inductions. By Thales Lindsley. Pp. 17.

Relief of Local and State Taxation through Distribution of the National Surplus. By Wharton Barker. Philadelphia: Edward Stern & Co. Pp. 28.

The Ores of Leadville. By Louis D. Ricketts, B. S. Princeton, N. J. Pp. 6$, with Plates.

School Books on Physiology and Hygiene. By Stanford E. Chaillé. New Orleans. Pp. 10.

Hero-Worship: Sermon by M. J. Savage. Boston: George II. Ellis. Pp. 11.

Savior's Portland Cement. New York: Johnson & Wilson.

Legal Provisions respecting the Examination and Licensing of Teachers. Washington: Government Printing-office. Pp. 48.

Edison Electric-Light Company, Eighteenth Bulletin. Pp. 4(1.

Resuscitated: A Dream of Existence after Death, etc. Sacramento, Cal.: Lewis & Johnston. Pp. 128. 5 cents.