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Books noticed: PAGE
"The Naval Use of the Dynamo-Machine and Electric Light" (Murdock) 130
"The Sociologist" (Chavannes) 130
"Journal of Social Science" 131
"On the Value of the 'Nearctic,' as one of the Primary Zoological Regions" (Heilprin) 131
"Report of the Entomologist: Department of Agriculture" 131
"Bulletin of the Buffalo Naturalists' Field Club" 131
"Exploration of Parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana" (Sheridan) 132
"The Place of Original Research in College Education" (Wright) 132
"A Study of the Manuscript Troano" (Thomas) 132
"The Elements of Forestry" (Hough) 133
"The American Journal of Forestry" (Hough) 133
"The Scientific and Technical Reader" 134
"Tables for Students and Beginners in Vegetable Histology" (Penhallow) 134
"Transactions of the Linnæan Society of New York" 134
"Ansichten tiber die Ursachen der Vulcane" (Reyer) 134
"Neptunisch oder Plutonisch?" (Reyer) 134
"The Foundation Principle of Education by the State" (Barnett) 134
"Forest Protection, and the Tariff on Lumber" 135
"Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Report, 1882" 135
"Seed-Breeding" (Sturtevant) 135
"Development of Mineral, etc., Resources of Colorado for 1881 and 1882" (Smith) 135
"The Manual Training-School of Washington University, St. Louis" (Woodward) 135
"Dynamic Sociology" (Ward) 273
"Man before Metals" (Joly) 276
"On the Desert" (Field) 277
"Home Gymnastics and Swimming" (Hartelius) 278
"The Alternative" 279
"Idyls of Norway" (Boyesen) 279
"Aboriginal American Literature" (Brinton) 279
"Science in Short Chapters" (Williams) 279
"Diadem of School Songs" (Tillinghast) 280
"Conflict in Nature and Life" 416
"Our Home Physician" (Beard) 418
"Correspondence of Carlyle and Emerson" 418
"Examination of Medicinal Chemicals" (Hoffmann and Power) 419
"The Possibility of Not Dying" (Kirk) 420
"Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission" (1881) 420
"Electro-Magnets" (Du Moncel) 421
"A Perpetual Calendar" (Barnard) 421
"Pocket Logarithms" 421
"Report of the Bureau of Ethnology" (Smithsonian Institution) 421
"American Humorists" (Haweis) 422
"Jesus, his Opinions and Character" 422
"Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry" (Pinner) 422
"Entomological Papers, Iowa State Horticultural Society" (1882) 422