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Science-Teaching, On, in the Public Schools 207
Scruples, Religious, Satisfying 718
Sea-Sickness, The Cause of 362
Sea-Wall, A Natural 536
Sea-Waves, The Formation of 492
Sedgwick, W. T., Ph.D. 811
Serviss, Garrett P. 163
Sewage at the Sea-Side 408
Sheep, The Liver-Fluke of 741
Shepherd, Dr. F. J. 145
Shipman, Paul R. 721
Silliman, Professor Benjamin, LL.D., Sketch of 259
Simmonds, P. L. 798
Smell, Insect Organs of 284
Smith, George Clinton 748
Smith, Henry A. 642
Smith, P. C. 552
Solar Rays, Machines driven by 337
Sorel, Émile 492
Sounds, Association of Colors with 490
Sounds, Association of Colors with 848
Spectrum, the Visible, Lengthening 88
Spencer, Herbert, and the French Academy 554
Spring, M. W. 68
Stammering, Treatment of 138
Starch, The Granule of 687
Stewart, Gordon A 224
Stout, H. R., M.D. 848
Street, Charles R. 267
Superstition, The Dead-Language 701
Swimming, Position and Stroke in 54
Symbiosis and "Vegetating Animals" 811

Teaching English 553
Telephone, The, with a Sketch of its Inventor, Philipp Reis 540
Tin-Ware, Action of Acids on 571
Thermo-Chemical Investigations, The Aim of 770
Thomsen, Julius 770
Tissandier, G. 337
Tobacco Smoke, The Poisons in 427
Tornadoes, Cyclones and 748
Tornado, How to act in a 281
Tracks, Human, More Supposed Pre-Glacial 846
Transfusionist, Troubles of a 863
Trees, The Age of 552
Tyndall, Professor John, F.R.S. 456

Vaillant, M. L. 75
Vapor, Influence of, on Radiation 287
Vital Phenomena, Two, Explained 575
Vivisection in the State of New York 169
Vogel, August 837