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I N D E X.

Abbe, Professor Cleveland 112
Air, in Dwellings and School-Rooms 718
Allen, Grant 346
Allen, Grant 503
Amazons Valley, The 140
Anderson, William 635
Animals, The Happiness of 717
Annam and Tonquin, Ethnological Sketches in 626
Announcement 273
Anthropology, Practical, A Lesson in 282
Antiquities, Mexican 79
Art, Palæolithic, Specimens of 429
Ashley, Charles S 535
Association, The American 848
Association, the American, The Next Meeting of 127
Astronomy with an Opera-Glass 187
Astronomy with an Opera-Glass 478
Audubon, John J., Sketch of 687
Aurora Borealis, the, Systematic Observations of 141
Aztec Iconographic Writing 713

Baldness, Hats as a Cause of 97
Banquet, The Tyndall 703
Benefaction, A Fraudulent 136
Birch-Bark, Uses of 716
Bonanza, A Botanical 653
Books noticed:
"Classification and Special Morphology of Plants" (Sachs, Garnsey, and Balfour) 128
"History of British Columbia" (Bancroft) 129
"Shoppell's Modern Houses" 130
"The Open Court" (Underwood) 130
"The Chemistry of the Sun" (Lockyer) 131
"Mineral Physiology and Physiography" (Hunt) 132
"Report of the Chief Signal-Officer for 1885" 133
"The Fall of Maximilian's Empire" (Schroeder) 134
"Agriculture in some of its Relations with Chemistry" (Storer) 134
"American Journal of Psychology" (Hall) 134
"Talks with Socrates about Life" (Plato) 135
"Report of the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries for 1884" (Baird) 135
"Recent Advances in Meteorology" (Ferrel) 135
"Rise and Early Constitution of Universities" (Laurie) 273