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Death of Richard A. Proctor.—Mr. Richard Anthony Proctor, the distinguished writer and lecturer on astronomy and other subjects, died in this city, September 12th, of yellow fever. He had left his home at Oak Lawn, Florida, to go to England and fulfill some lecture engagements, and had engaged passage on one of the steamers appointed to sail on the following Saturday. He was apparently in good health, and there had been no yellow fever at Oak Lawn; but very soon after reaching his hotel he complained of being ill. A doctor was sent for. His disease rapidly developed. He was transferred to the Willard Parker Hospital, and died there, in less than sixty hours after he was first taken. A portrait of Mr. Proctor and a sketch of his life up to that time were given in the "Monthly" for February, 1874. His life has been a very busy one since then. He has written incessantly, contributing to journals of every kind, on a great variety of subjects, but always with the most interest on those relating to astronomy. A few years ago he started a periodical, first weekly, afterward monthly, called "Knowl-