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I N D E X.

Abbott, C. C. The Pine-Tree Lizard 162
"A Correction. Cor. 411
Absence of Memory and Presence of Mind. Pop. Misc. 571
Abyssinia, Food and Economical Plants of. Pop. Misc. 861
African Roads. Pop. Misc. 285
Agnosticism. Prof. T. H. Huxley 750
Ainu Family-Life and Religion. J. K. Goodrich 81
Alcoholic Heredity, New Facts in. T. D. Crowthers, M.D. 524
Allen, Grant. Evolving the Camel 192
"Genius and Talent 341
Alphabet, A Phonetic, for American Languages. Pop. Misc. 281
Altruism and Egoism. Editor's Table 559
Altruism Economically Considered. C. W. Smiley 53
Altruism, Relation of, to Egoism. C. H. A. Bulkley. Cor. 411
Americanists, The, in Congress 686
Andrews, E. F. The Type-Writer for the Blind. Cor. 414
Animal Arithmetic. Madame Clémence Royer 252
Animals, Can they count the Days? A. S. Hudson, M.D. Cor. 123
Animals, Do they play 'Possum? S. F. Goodrich. Cor. 557
Announcement. Editor's Table 416
Ant, The Destructive White. Pop. Misc. 284
Arras, J. M. Natural Science in Elementary Schools 662
Arts of Life, The, in Anthropology. Pop. Misc. 430
Aryans, The, in Science and History. Horatio Hale 672
Ashley, Charles S. The Effects of Protection 1
Association, The Australasian. Pop. Misc. 709
Astronomy Class, Our. Cor. 122
Atkinson, Edward, Sketch of 113
Atomic Worlds and their Motions. Dr. Heinrich Hensoldt 183
Australian Message-Sticks. Pop. Misc. 570

Badger, The American. Pop. Misc. 281
Barrancas, The Brazilian. Pop. Misc. 140
Barron, G. B., M.D. Town-Life as a Cause of Degeneracy 324
Bees, The Ways of. M. B. Chaddock. Cor. 698
Belon, Pierre, Sketch of 692
Billings, J. S., M.D. House-Drainage from Various Points of View 310
Blood-hound, Sagacity of a. Pop. Misc. 862
Bonney, Prof. T. G. The Foundation-Stones of the Earth 652