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Insect Fertilization of Flowers, M. B. Chaddock, Cor. 558
Interglacial Man in Ohio. Pop. Misc. 278
International, The, Geological Congress. Pop. Misc. 278
Inventional Geometry. Edward R. Shaw 357

James, Prof. Joseph F. Curiosities of Natural Gas 821
Japanese Mirrors. Pop. Misc. 572
Japan, Volcanic Explosion in. Pop. Misc. 716
Jastrow, Prof. J. The Psychology of Deception 145
"The Psychology of Spiritualism 721
Jenkins, Therese A. Silk-Culture in the United States. Cor. 843
Johonnot, Prof. James. The Story of a School 496

Kidd, J. B. Our Astronomy Class. Cor. 122
Krauss, F. S. South Slavic Moon-Myths 615

Lady Crab, The Dance of the. T. H. Morgan 482
Lagrange, M. F. Physical Training of Young Children 449
Langley, Prof. S. P. The History of a Doctrine 212
Langley, Prof. S. P. The History of a Doctrine 385
Larrabee, W. H. Sea-Lions and Fur-Seals 330
Law as a Disturber of Social Order. Benjamin Reece 631
Learning to Think. Editor's Table 845
Le Conte, Prof. Joseph. The Problem of a Flying-Machine 69
Le Sueur, W. D. Science and its Accusers 367
Lick Observatory, Work at the. Editor's Table 268
Life, The Storage of. Pop. Misc. 282
Literary Notices 127
Literary Notices 270
Literary Notices 419
Literary Notices 561
Literary Notices 701
Literary Notices 847
Lizard, The Pine-Tree. C. C. Abbott 162
Loess, Melting away of the Mongolian. Pop. Misc. 141
Longevity of Professional Men. Pop. Misc. 717
Lubbock, Sir John. Problematical Organs of Sense 101
Lucigen. Pop. Misc. 137
Lunar Mystery, New Light on a. G. P. Serviss 158
Lyons, T, A., U.S.N. The Guiding-Needle on an Iron Ship 289

McGee, W J, Paleolithic Man in America 20
Man, Paleolithic, in America. W J McGee 20
Man, The Last Stages in the Genealogy of. M. P. Topinard 171
March, The, of Practical Science, Editor's Table 416
Marriages, Consanguineous, Pop. Misc. 139
Marriage Customs, A Law of. Pop. Misc. 280
Mather, T. W. The Flying-Machine Problem, Cor. 556
Medicinal Plants, New, Pop. Misc. 571
Medicine, Ancient Egyptian. Pop. Misc. 134
Message-Sticks, Australian. Pop. Misc. 570
Meyer, Otto. Giant Reptiles of a Past Age 466
Microbes, Vitality of, in Water, Pop. Misc. 430
Mineral Evolution. Pop. Misc. 573
Mingrelian Rituals. Pop. Misc. 141
Monopolies. Pop. Misc. 284