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Reading, Interest in. Pop. Misc. 861
Reece, Benjamin. Law as a Disturber of Social Order 631
Remsen, Prof. Ira. The Chemistry of To-Day 591
Reptiles, Giant, of a Past Age. Otto Meyer 466
Riley, Prof. O. V. On the Causes of Variation 484
Riley, Prof. O. V. On the Causes of Variation 809
Romanes, G. J. The Derivative Origin of the Human Mind 792
Roots, The Relation of, to Moisture. Pop. Misc. 138
Royer, Madame Clemence. Animal Arithmetic 252
Sacred Trees of Japan. Pop. Misc. 716

Sacrifice, The, of Education. A Protest 399
""Comments on. Prof. F. Max Müller and others 535
Sanitary Work, Fifty Years of. Pop. Misc. 138
Saporta, The Marquis de. The Origin of Forest-Groupings 229
Sanitary Plumbing. Pop. Misc. 136
School, The Story of a. Prof. James Johonnot 496
Schools, The Country, of New York. Pop. Misc. 715
Science and "Christian Science." F. A. Fernald 798
Science and its Accusers. W. D. Le Sueur 367
Science and Trade-Routes. Pop. Misc. 712
Sea-Lions and Fur-Seals. W. H. Larrabee 330
Sense, Problematical Organs of. Sir J. Lubbock 101
Senses, The, of Animals. Pop. Misc. 140
Serviss, G. P. New Light on a Lunar Mystery 158
Shaler, Prof. N. S. Habits of the Great Southern Tortoise 37
Shufeldt, E. W., M. D. Zoölogical Gardens 782
Silk-Culture in the United States. T. A. Jenkins. Cor. 843
Sinners, Four-Handed. F. L. Oswald, M.D. 108
Smiley, C. W, Altruism Economically Considered 53
Snake-Stories, Two, analyzed. Pop. Misc. 429
Somali Traits. Pop. Misc. 860
Soul, Beliefs about the. E. A. Oakes 202
Spider, An Aged. Pop. Misc. 714
Spiritualism, The Psychology of. Joseph Jastrow 721
Sponges, Fresh-Water. Pop. Misc. 711
Squirrel, the Red, Habits of. Pop. Misc. 710
Stallo, John B., Sketch of 548
Stifel, A. F. Doctors and the Opium-Habit. Cor. 122
Stinde, Julius. Sun-Power and Growth 77
Storage, The, of Life. Pop. Misc. 282
Struggle for Existence, The Human. Pop. Misc. 431
Suanetians, The, and their Home. D. W. Freshfield 380
Success in Life, What makes. Editor's Table 698
Suffrage, The Extension of the, to Women. Frank Cramer. Cor. 415
Sun-Power and Growth. Julius Stinde 77
Sun, Modern Greek Personifications of the. Pop. Misc. 571

Temple, Captain E. C. Every-day Life of Indian Women 43
Tests of Eye-Sight, Hand-Grip, and Breathing Capacity. Pop. Misc. 283
Tile-Draining, Effects of. Pop. Misc. 573