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enter the Science can not demonstrate on themselves and others with the same or with uniform success, is no more an argument against its Principle and Rule, than is the fact that few can follow the calculations of Leverrier an argument against the existence of the planet Neptune, or the truth of mathematics that pointed it out. Because every school-boy or college graduate does not work his way into the calculus, or reach the demonstration of the highest problem of geometry, shall we deny the exactness and value of mathematics, and throw away our Euclid and the arithmetics? To the contrary of such reasoning, would not the pretension that the results of Christian Science could be brought out arbitrarily, and in disregard of established facts and laws of consciousness, be a demonstration of its unscientific character?

Now, as to the question of reality or unreality of matter and its beliefs, especially of sickness and sin: evidently, if the objects opposed to harmony can be destroyed or kept out of any individual consciousness, such objects will—to this individual—have ceased to exist. If he can keep out any one or a number of such objects, just in so far approach is made to the state of absolute harmony, that is wholeness or health.

Christian Science admits the reality of the phenomena of matter—as defined above—to material sense, and it teaches the destruction of this sense, through the operation of Truth understood; but it demonstrates, by such destruction, that it is a false sense, and that it is unreal in this—that it has neither Principle nor permanence.

The exercise of the healing power in Christian Science is no mystery. It is explained in “Science and Health” as follows:

“A mental state of self-condemnation and guilt, or a faltering and doubting trust in Truth, are unsuitable conditions for healing the sick; if lost yourself in the belief and fear of disease, and ignorant of the mental remedy, you fail to use the energies of Mind in your own behalf, you can exercise little or no power for others' help.”

“To succeed in healing you must conquer your own beliefs and fears as well as those of your patients, and you must rise daily into higher and holier being; by the spirit of Truth and Love you manifest, you will heal the sick. . . . Science makes no concessions to persons or opinions. One must abide strictly by its rules, or he can not demonstrate its Principle. . . . We approach to God or Life in the ratio of our spirituality and fidelity to Truth; and in that ratio we are able to discern the thoughts of the sick and the sinful that it may heal them.”

The power of healing goes up and down with the moral condition of the healer, and this so completely that the Scientist knows