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Books noticed: PAGE
Arkansas. Annual Report of the Geological Survey for 1888 561
Austen, Peter T. Chemical Lecture Notes 134
Barker, T. Barwick LI. War with Crime 705
Barrows, Walter B. The English Sparrow in North America 851
Bartlett, John R., and others. Plans for furnishing an Abundant Supply of Water to the City of New York 282
Bastin, Edson S. College Botany 709
Bennett, Alfred W., and George Murray. A Hand-Book of Cryptogamic Botany 562
Bert, Paul. Primer of Scientific Knowledge 563
Binet, Alfred. The Psychic Life of Micro-Organisms 135
Boone, Richard G. Education in the United States 701
Bowditch, H. P. Hints for Teachers of Physiology 420
Boylston, Peter. John Charáxes 564
Bray, Charles. The Philosophy of Necessity 847
Browning, Oscar. Aspects of Education 420
Bruce, Philip A. The Plantation Negro as a Freeman 279
Bryce, James. The American Commonwealth 412
Buck, J. D., A Study of Man, and the Way to Health 133
Buller, Sir Walter L. A Classified List of Mr. S. William Silver's Collection of New Zealand Birds 133
Bunce, Oliver Bell. The Story of Happinolande 418
Burroughs, John. Indoor Studies 701
Burt, Stephen Smith. Exploration of the Chest in Health and Disease 706
Butler, A. O. What Moses saw and heard 852
Carpenter, William B. Nature and Man: Essays Scientific and Philosophical 277
Carrington, Henry B. The Patriotic Reader 134
Carus, Paul. Fundamental Problems 707
Case, Thomas. Physical Realism 703
Collar, William C. Practical Latin Composition 854
Conklin, Benjamin Y. English Grammar and Composition 421
Cram's Standard American Atlas of the World 419
Croll, James. Stellar Evolution and its Relations to Geological Time 849
Darling, Charles W. Historical Notes concerning the City of New York 282
Davis, Eben H. The Beginner's Reading-Book 564
Dawson, George M. Report on an Exploration in the Yukon District, etc. 853
Dexter, Seymour. A Treatise on Co-operative Savings and Loan Associations 561
Donnell, E. J. Outlines of a New Science 282
Doty, Alvah H. A Manual of Instruction in the Principles of Prompt Aid to the Injured 279
Dunham, O. M. The American Workman 567
Dyer, T. F. Thiselton. The Folk-Lore of Plants 127
Ellwanger, George H. The Garden's Story 847
Fiske, John. The Critical Period of American History 276
Fletcher, Alfred E. Sonnenschein's Cyclopædia of Education 419
Galton, Francis. Natural Inheritance 274
Garnett, James M. Elene, Judith, Athelstan, and Byrhtnoth 854