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Books noticed: PAGE
Gibson, R. J. Harvey, Elementary Biology 418
Gilman, Nicholas P. Profit-Sharing between Employer and Employ? 416
Goode, George Brown, The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States 560
Gosse, Edmund, A History of Eighteenth Century Literature 564
Grimes, J. Stanley. Geonomy and Cosmonomia 853
Griswold, W. M. Eighth Annual Index to Periodicals 854
Grossman, Louis. Some Chapters on Judaism and the Science of Religion 417
Harvard College Observatory, Annals No. V-VII, Vol. XVIII, Part I, Vol. XX 709
Hazard, Rowland G. Complete Works 416
Howard, George E. An Introduction to the Local Constitutional History of the United States 852
Ives, Frederic E. A New Principle in Heliochromy 281
Jacobi, Mary Putnam, Physiological Notes on Primary Education and the Study of Language 565
Johnston, H. H. History of a Slave 853
Journal of Morphology, The. Vol. II, No. 3 851
Klein, Hermann J. A Star Atlas 134
Leffmann, Henry, Examination of Water for Sanitary and Technical Purposes 709
Letchworth, William P. The Insane in Foreign Countries 280
Loewy, Benjamin, Graduated Course of Natural Science 853
MacDonald, D. Oceania: Linguistic and Anthropological 854
McLean, John, The Indians 417
Mahaffy, John P., and John H. Bernard. Kant's Kritik of the Pure Reason explained and defended 704
Maine, Henry Sumner, International Law 129
Malone, J. S. The Self: What is it? 281
Mantegazza, Paolo. Testa 135
Massachusetts Society for promoting Good Citizenship. Works on Civil Government 420
Mayo, A. D. Industrial Education in the South 420
Merriam, Florence A. Birds through an Opera-Glass 702
Merriam, George S. The Story of William and Lucy Smith 567
Mills, Charles De B. The Tree of Mythology, its Growth and Fruitage 562
Mixter, William G. An Elementary Text-Book of Chemistry 277
Modern Science Essayist, The 708
Montgomery, D. H. The Leading Facts of French History 565
Moss, Oscar B. Beauty, Health, and Strength for every Woman 130
National Education Association. Proceedings of the Department of Superintendence 420
New Jersey, Geological Survey of. Final Report of the State Geologist. Vol, 1 280
New York. Forty-first Report on the State Museum of Natural History 133
"Thirty-fifth Annual Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1889 707
"Twenty-second Annual Report of the State Board of Charities, 1888 705