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Books noticed: PAGE
Wells, Benjamin W. Schiller's Jungfrau von Orleans; 564
Wentworth, G. A., and others. Algebraic Analysis 563
White, Horatio Stevens. Lessing: Ausgewalte Prosa und Briefe 134
Wright, G. Frederick. The Ice Age in North America and its Bearing upon the Antiquity of Man 557
Wright, Julia McNair. Seaside and Wayside, No. 3 420
Wyman, Hal O. The Training of Nurses 420
Botanical Gardens. Fr. Hoffmann 105
Branner, John O. The Convict-Island of Brazil-Fernando de Noronha 33
Bread of Water-Lily Seeds. Pop. Misc. 137
Bronze Age in Sweden, The. W. H. Larrabee 778
Brooks, W. K. The Artificial Propagation of Sea-Fishes 359
Bruno's Statue at Rome. Editor's Table 556
Buddha, The Bronze, of Nara. Pop. Misc. 572
Burt, Stephen S. Some of the Limitations of Medicine 396
Butter, Italian. Pop. Misc. 574

Cameroons, Life at the. R. M?ller 748
Character, Human, A Problem in. Pop. Misc. 859
Charity, Judicious. Pop. Misc. 429
"Charity, Scientific." A. G. Warner 488
Chemical Bibliographies. Pop. Misc. 139
Chemist, The, as a Constructor. W. Bernhardt 801
China, Farm-Life in. A. M. Fielde 323
Chinook Language or Jargon, The. E. H. Nicoll 257
Christian Science, Is, a "Craze"? J. F. Bailey 216
"Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. R. O. Spear, F. A. Fernald, C. W. Leigh. Cor. 268
"Christian Science," The Claims of. Editor's Table 270
Clausius, Rudolf, Sketch of 117
Coach of Civilization, The. Editor's Table 700
Convict-Island of Brazil, The-Fernando de Noronha. J. C. Branner 33
Corsets and Waist-Belts, The Philosophy of. Pop. Misc. 138
Count, Do Cattle? S. M. B. Staplin. Cor. 409
Criticism, An Uncandid. Editor's Table 126

"Darwinism," Mr. Wallace on. Editor's Table 698
Devil-Theory, Dr. Abbott's Defense of the. Editor's Table 272
Diabolism and Hysteria. A. D. White 1
Diabolism and Hysteria. A. D. White 145
Digestion and Related Functions. W. Mills 795
Direction, Sense of, in Ants. E. F. Lyford. Cor. 123
Discovery by Observation. Pop. Misc. 141
Dog, A Church-going. Pop. Misc. 427

Earthworm, A Giant. Pop. Misc. 860
East Indies, Dutch, A Corner of the. G. Langen 685
Economic Changes, Recent. D. A. Wells 584
Education in Ancient Egypt. F. C. H. Wendel 774
Eggs in Chemistry and Commerce. P. L. Simmonds 92
Electrical Waves. S. Sheldon 509