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Rogers, G. O. Japanese Magic Mirrors. Cor. 123
Roose, Robson, The Art of prolonging Life 759

Salt, A Country of. Pop. Misc. 863
Sanitary Science and Children's Health. Pop. Misc. 140
Schools, Evening Continuation. Pop. Misc. 287
Schools, Practical and Moral Instruction in. Pop. Misc. 711
Science, Beginnings in, at Mugby School. J. E. Taylor 56
Science-Teaching in Schools. Pop. Misc. 568
Science, The Domain of. Editor's Table 842
Scilly Islands, The. Pop. Misc. 138
Sea-Butterflies. Carl Vogt 313
Self-Poisoning by Snakes. A. J. Williams. Cor. 123
Serviss, Garrett P. The Strange Markings on Mars 41
Sheldon, Samuel. Electrical Waves 509
Sign-Talk in New Guinea. Pop. Misc. 573
Simmonds, P. L. Eggs in Chemistry and Commerce 92
Sleep, Getting to. Pop. Misc. 424
Smith, Huntington. The Ethical View of Protection 626
Snakes, Superstitions about. Pop. Misc. 426
Solomon Islands, Life in the. C. M. Woodford 476
Souriaou, P. The Pleasure of Motion 824
South America, Savage Life in. J. Page 542
Spear, R. O. "Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. Cor. 268
Spider, Water, The Nest of the. Pop. Misc. 430
Springs, California's Thermal. Pop. Misc. 712
Staplin, Susan M. B. Do Cattle count? Cor. 409
Starcke, C. N. Kinship in Polynesia 392
Starr, M. Allen. The Old and the New Phrenology 730
Stone Age, The, in Heathen Sweden. W. H. Larrabee 504
Study from Life, A. O. T. Miller 577
Suicide, A Study of. C. W. Pilgrim 303
Sumner, William Graham. What is Civil Liberty? 289
"Sketch of 261

Tarr, Ralph S. Animal Life in the Gulf Stream 649
Taylor, J. E. Beginnings in Science at Mugby School 56
Teak-Tree, The. Pop. Misc. 141
Telescopic Objectives, Polishing. Pop. Misc. 574
Thought, Awakening. A Mother. Cor. 409
Thought, The Stimulation of. Editor's Table 410
Toadstools and Mushrooms. T. H. McBride 187
Tornadoes. Pop. Misc. 285
Transportation, Methods of. Pop. Misc. 711
Trees, Annual Rings of. Pop. Misc. 430
Trumbull, M. M. Pensions for All 721
Turtles, Habits of. Pop. Misc. 142
Tweedy, Alice B. Mischief-makers in Milk 211

University, The Function of a. Pop. Misc. 856