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Insanity, Causes of. (Misc.) 138
Insect Pests of the House.* M. W. Brooks 333
Inventions, Half a Century of. (Misc.) 428
Invisible Assailants of Health. S. Hart 806
Irrigation in China. Tcheng Ki Tong 821

James, William. A Census of Hallucination. (Corr.) 409
Jameson, Charles Davis. The Suspension Bridge. (Corr.) 267
Jordan, David Starr. Evolution and the Distribution of Animals 313
Jordan, David Starr. Evolution and the Distribution of Animals 505
Justice, On. Herbert Spencer 19
Justice, On. Herbert Spencer 183

Klein, Hermann J. The Discovery of Invisible Worlds 501
Koenig, Rudolph, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) W. L. Stevens 545
Kraus, Friedrich S. Slavonian Fairies 684

Land Values, Natural Guides to. (Misc.) 282
Lands, Rights on other Men's. (Misc.) 139
Larrabee, William H. Cats and their Friendships* 91
Laundry, Science in the. (Misc.) 428
Law, Judge-made. (Misc.) 565
Lepidosirens. (Misc.) 859
Lias, Brau de St. Pol. Tin and its Native Land* 233
Lightning Shock, Treatment of. (Misc.) 281
Liquor Laws not Sumptuary. G. F. Magoun 768

McCook, Henry C. The Strength of Spiders and Spider-Webs* 41
Magnetism, Local, and Geological Structure. (Misc.) 572
Magoun, George F. Liquor Laws not Sumptuary 768
Malaria, Trees and. (Misc.) 285
Manatee, Habits of the. (Misc.) 284
Manual Training, The Educational Value of. (Misc.) 138
Marcet, William. Atmospheric Dust 177
Marital Customs, Primitive. (Misc.) 570
Marriage Ages in England. (Misc.) 573
Maury, Matthew Fontaine, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 400
Mearns, Edgar A. Ancient Dwellings of the Rio Verde Valley* 745
Medicinal Plants. (Misc.) 858
Meigs, Henry V. Cotton-Spinning South and North 798
Meigs, William M. The Mysterious Music of Pascagoula. (Corr.) 410
Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) G. Iles 690
Mendenhall, T. C, The Education of. (Editor's Table) 698
Mental Strain. C. Richet 485
Menzies, J. J. Where Flax is Grown and Manufactured. (Corr.) 409
Mercury, Scenes on the Planet. G. V. Schiaparelli 64
Merrill, Frederick J. H. Barrier Beaches of the Atlantic Coast 736
Mesozoic Atlantic Coast Region, The. (Misc.) 140
Meteorites, A Talk about. O. W. Huntington 366
Mexico, Messrs. Heilprin and Baker's Survey of. (Misc.) 861
Microscopic Structure of Stone. (Misc.) 715