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ommended by the Chemical Section of the American Association for determination of nitrogen in ammonium compounds, for nitrates and nitrites, and for oxygen-consuming power. Attention is called by the authors to the application of the Kjeldahl process in ascertaining the total organic nitrogen. The media and manipulation of biological examinations are amply treated, and a chart is given of the culture phenomena of the more important microbes. Much value is not attached, however, to the results thus obtained, since the number of microbes may vary greatly without analogous variation in the healthful character of the water. Ordinary filtration is shown to increase the micro-organisms, which develop finely in the pores of sand or stone filters. The Bischof and the Pasteur filters are to be preferred for household use, while the Anderson process of agitating the water with fine particles of cast iron in a rotating cylinder produces a water of high organic purity with great rapidity. The text is clear and well arranged, all required apparatus is illustrated, and useful analytical tables are furnished for comparison.



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