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I N D E X.

Aboriginal American Poetry, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 709
Adulterants as Diluents. (Misc.) 139
Age, Old, Conditions of Vigorous. (Misc.) 428
Agricultural Experiment Stations, Our. C. L. Parsons 348
""in Wyoming. (Misc.) 858
Amazons, The Floods of the. (Misc.) 274
American Microscopical Society. (Misc.) 856
Analogy, Natural History of. (Misc.) 857
Animal and Plant Lore. IV. F. D. Bergen 373
Argelander, Friedrich W. A., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 549
Argyll, The Duke of. Professor Huxley on the War-path. II 56
Ashley, Charles S. Coming Solution, A, of the Currency Question 358
Astronomical Societies and Amateur Astronomers. L. Niesten 813
Aurora Borealis, Facts about the. (Misc.) 276
""The Sound of the. (Misc.) 858

Bearings, Mistakes about. (Misc.) 717
Begging, Systematic. (Misc.) 713
Bell, J. Jones. Ginseng in Commerce* 546
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Animal and Plant Lore. IV 373
Birds, Take Care of the. K. Russ 687
"The Music of the. S. P. Cheney 250
Blumentritt, F. Quianganes, The, of Luzon 388
Bonnier, Pierre. Hearing in the Lower Animals 832
Books noticed 126
Books noticed 266
Books noticed 412
Books noticed 558
Books noticed 697
Books noticed 847
Adams, Henry C. Second Annual Report on Railways 129
Allen, Grant. What's bred in the Bone 707
Appalachia 418
Aveling, Edward. Introduction to the Study of Botany 853
Bandelier, A. F. Contributions to the History of the Southwestern Portions of the United States 419
Barrett, Jay A. Evolution of the Ordinance of 1787 706
Bellamy, Blanche W., and Maud W. Goodwin. Open Sesame! Poetry and Prose for School-days 271
Bigelow, Horatio R. Plain Talks on Electricity and Batteries 565
Binet, Alfred. On Double Consciousness 271
Biological Lectures Delivered at Wood's Holl 128
Bissell, Mary T. Household Hygiene 270
Bonney, G. E. The Electro-plater's Hand-book 701
Bower, John A. Science applied to Work 707
Bower, John A. Science of Every-day Life 707
Brentano, Lujo. The Relation of Labor to the Law of To-day 698
Brinton, Daniel G. The American Race 412
Brooks, William K. The Oyster 700