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One of the most interesting forms in this collection is that shown in Fig. 10 (a). This young man sees only 1 and 0 distinctly; 2 and 9 stand in their proper places, but are less distinct;

PSM V42 D529 Visualizations of alphabets and colors.png
Fig. 10. Fig. 11.

while 3 and 8 are seen but faintly in a shadowy form. The intervening figures are not seen at all, but the appropriate space for them is there. His alphabet form accompanying discloses the

PSM V42 D529 Visualizations of calendar dates and days.jpg
Fig. 12. Fig. 13.

same principle. A, m, n, and s are very distinct; b and y are fainter; c and x are shadowy; a blank space intervenes, sufficient for the other letters. This young man has a brother and two sis-