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Spencer and Prof. Thomas H. Huxley, of London, England; Alfred Russel Wallace, D. C. L., LL. D., of Parkstone, Dorset, England, the co-discoverer with Darwin of the law of natural selection; Prof. William Graham, M. A., of Queens College, Belfast, Ireland, author of The Creed of Science, Social Problems, etc.; M. Th. Ribot, of Paris, France, editor of the Revue Philosophique, perhaps the most eminent advocate of the doctrine of evolution in that country; Count Goblet d'Alviella, of Brussels, Belgium, author of Evolution of Contemporary Religious Thought; Prof. Ernst Haeckel, of the University of Jena, Saxe-Weimar, Germany, author of The History of Creation, Evolution of Man, etc.; Prof. A. Hjalmar Edgren, Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Baboo Pratapa Chandra Roy, translator of the Mahabhar√Ęta; and Baboo Amrita Lai Roy, editor of The Hindoo Magazine, Calcutta, India; and in our own country, Prof. Joseph Le Conte, LL. D., of the University of California, author of Evolution as related to Religious Thought, etc.; Prof. William Emmette Coleman, of San Francisco, member of the American Oriental Society; Prof. Edward D. Cope, Ph. D., of the University of Pennsylvania, author of Origin of the Fittest, etc.; Prof. Edward S. Morse, of the Peabody Institute, Salem, Mass.; Prof. John Fiske, of Cambridge, Mass., author of Cosmic Philosophy, etc.; Prof. Otis T. Mason, of the National Museum, Washington, D. C, President of the American Folk Lore Society; Prof. Amos G. Warner, Superintendent of Public Charities, Washington, D. C, recently elected to the chair of Economics in the Leland Stanford University, California; Rev. William J. Potter, of New Bedford, Mass., President of the Free Religious Association; Rev. Minot J. Savage, of Boston, author of the Evolution of Morality, etc.; Rev. E. P. Powell, of Clinton, N. Y., author of Our Heredity from God, etc.; Andrew Dickson White, LL. D., late President of Cornell University and United States Minister to Russia; Mr. Frederick May Holland, of Concord, Mass.; Mr. J. W. Alfred Cluett, of Troy, N. Y.; Rev. John C. Kimball, of Hartford, Conn., and others.

Though the association is perhaps best known for its advocacy of evolution views, its terms of membership are entirely undogmatic and unsectarian, being conditioned only by good moral character and a tacit pledge to the use of the scientific method in its investigations. Its constitution expressly declares that "membership in this association shall not be regarded as committing one to any particular form of religious belief, nor as interfering with other religious or secular connections. No doctrinal test shall ever be required as a condition of membership. Any person of good moral character, over eighteen years of age, approving the objects of the association, may become a member on recommendation of the Committee on Membership, duly reported to and approved by