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I N D E X.

Abyssinia, Native Types in. (Misc.) 142
Age, Advancing, Diseases of. (Misc.) 423
Agricultural Revolution, An.* C. M. Weed 638
Agriculture, Science as a Factor in. M. Berthelot 481
Alcohol, Prize Essays on. (Misc.) 280
Allen, Grant. Ghost Worship and Tree Worship 489
Allen, Grant. Ghost Worship and Tree Worship 648
Alphabet, The Evolution of the. G. Valbert 243
American Association, The, 1893. (Misc.) 137
Ancient Peruvian Vegetables. (Misc.) 428
Andrews, Miss Eliza F. Will the Coming Woman lose her Hair? 370
Animals and Music. (Misc.) 855
"Jokes by. (Misc.) 862
"not afraid of Man. (Misc.) 861
"Reasoning. A. Pringle 71
"The Æsthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in. E. P. Evans 472
Anthropology, The Problems of. R. Virchow 373
Argument, A Shattered. (Editor's Table) 703
Arithmetical Prodigy, The Latest. A. Binet 60
Armstrong, S. T., M. D. Protective Inoculation for Cholera 223
Art, The Festal Development of. D. J. Hill 734
Artesian Waters in the Arid Region.* R. T. Hill 599
Ashamed yet Faithful. (Misc.) 856
Atmosphere, Depth of the. (Misc.) 287
Automatons, Famous. (Misc.) 572
Bacteria, Useful. (Misc.) 427
Bantu, The. (Misc.) 571
Barnum, Mrs. Clara Kempton. Totemism in the Evolution of Theology 395
Bates, Henry Walter, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 118
Berthelot, M. Science as a Factor in Agriculture 481
Bilfinger, Dr. Modern Nervousness and its Cure 90
Binet, Alfred. The Latest Arithmetical Prodigy 60
Biological Laboratory, The Brooklyn Institute. (Misc.) 858
"Observatory, A Marine. C. O. Whitman 459
"Teaching in American Colleges. (Misc.) 139
Birds of the Grass Lands.* S. Trotter 453