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The remaining thirty-seven counties of the State contain acreages as follows: Apples, 10,753; apricots, 8,176; cherries, 1,883; peaches, 11,007; pears, 5,906; prunes and plums, 15,445. Adding these totals, we obtain the area of the deciduous orchards. There are 19,977 acres of apples, 30,125 acres of apricots, 6,928 acres of cherries, 55,000 acres of peaches, 23,742 acres of pears, and 54,642 acres of prunes and plums.

The deciduous fruits lead in acreage and value of products all other branches of California horticulture; and as the above table

PSM V44 D215 Almond tree in february at rancho chico.jpg
Almond Tree in February. Rancho Chico.

plainly shows, the same concentration of each separate variety of fruit in some particular district is manifest everywhere. There are apple counties, peach counties, prune counties, and always will be, although some changes will take place in a decade or two. Peaches, prunes, and apricots occupy nearly three fourths of the acreage. The cherry orchards, although covering the smallest