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PSM V44 D541 The wandering jew.jpgFig. 2.—The Wandering Jew, from the oldest known engraving. (Munich Library.) (Reproduced by Champfleury.) he received a certain kind of instruction. Urged by his superiors to renounce the Jewish religion, he struggled long before deciding to deny the faith of his fathers; feeling that he was in danger of yielding, he ran away and left Russia. He was then fifteen or sixteen years old, and had no trade. From that time on he wandered from one country to another, without any fixed purpose. He married in BudaPesth, and lived there for some time, and had three children there. The sojourn was longer than suited his disposition, and he was continually troubled with the PSM V44 D541 Wandering jew of avignon 1784.jpgFig. 3.—True Portrait of the Wandering Jew as he was seen passing through Avignon April 22, 1784. (Sketch taken at the Bibliothèque Nationale.) desire to travel. He took his family to Jerusalem, and left them there while he traveled over the world. Every five years he returned from his pilgrimage, visited his family for a few days, and then turned toward new countries. The motive of these perpetual journeys from place to place, he said, "was to find a remedy for a malady from which I have suffered five years old, which