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Books noticed: PAGE
Sabine, Wallace Clement. Student's Manual of a Laboratory Course in Physical Measurements 276
Savage, M. J. Jesus and Modern Life 850
Scudder, Samuel Hubbard. Brief Guide to the Commoner Butterflies of the Northern United States and Canada 270
—The Life of a Butterfly 270
Shakspere, William. The Merchant of Venice 274
Sherwood, Sidney. The History and Theory of Money 270
Shipley, Authur E. Zoölogy of the Invertebrata 415
Siemens, Werner von, Personal Recollections of 416
Smith, Henry. Religion of the Brain 275
Smithsonian Meteorological Tables 420
Society for Psychical Research, Proceedings. Part XXIV 564
Stebbins, Genevieve. Dynamic Breathing and Harmonic Gymnastics 704
Stoddard, William O. On the Old Frontier 707
Strahan, S. A. K., M. D. Suicide and Insanity 851
Sturgis, Russell, and others. Homes in City and Country 127
Sunderland, J. T., D. D. The Bible: its Origin, Growth, and Character 556
Sweet, Henry. Manual of Current Shorthand 276
Swinton, William. School History of the United States 562
Taylor, D. W. Resistance of Ships and Screw Propulsion 563
Tebb, William. The Recrudescence of Leprosy and its Causation 701
Thorpe, T. E., and others. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry 273
Todhunter, Isaac. History of the Theory of Elasticity 707
Tucker, Benjamin R. Instead of a Book 275
United States Commissioner of Education. Report for 1889-'90 277
—Commissioner of Labor. Annual Report for 1891 126
—Geological Survey. Eleventh Annual Report 419
Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Schuyler. Art Out of Doors 562
Waldo, Frank. Modern Meteorology 414
Ward, Lester F. The Psychic Factors of Civilization 413
Watts, Francis. Introductory Manual for Sugar Growers 134
Whitfield, Robert Parr. Gasteropoda and Cephalopoda of the Raritan Clays and Greens and Marls in New Jersey 277
Wiechmann, F. G. Lecture Notes on Theoretical Chemistry 273
Williams, C. M. A Review of the Systems of Ethics founded on the Theory of Evolution 706
Williams, Samuel G. The History of Modern Education 134
Willoughby, E. F., M. D. Handbook of Public Health and Demography 853
Wilson, Daniel. Science Stories 135
Wilson, Woodrow. Division and Reunion 133
Woods, Henry. Elementary Paleontology for Geological Students 703
Wright, Mark R. Heat 420
Ziwet, Alexander. An Elementary Treatise on Theoretical Mechanics 708
Boutwell, George S. The Pestalozzian System 55
Boyd, J. Andrew. Dog Psychology. (Corr.) 841
Boyer, Jacques. The Founder of the First Scientific Journal 690
Brandicourt, V. Mathematical Curiosities of the Sixteenth Century 106
Browne, James Crichton. Biology and Ethics 671

Calumet, The, in the Champlain Valley.* G. H. Perkins 238
Cambodian Life, Incidents of.* A. Leclère 776
Carpenter, Frank G. Uncle Sam's Life Savers.* 346
Carroll, Dr. Alfred L. (Misc.) 717
Charcot, Jean Martin, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 693
Chemistry, Ancient Beginnings of. (Misc.) 140
Children, The Scientific Method with. H. L. Clapp 57
Chinese Letter Shops. (Misc.) 713
Choke Damp, Oxygen as a Remedy for. (Misc.) 715
Cinnamon, The Royal, of Tonkin. (Misc.) 429
Circassian Slave, The, in Turkish Harems. E. B. Dietrick 481
Clapp, Henry Lincoln. The Scientific Method with Children 57
Clays, Composition of. (Misc.) 430